Meeting Architects Inc.
has some BIG News!

Still the same Faces...
but adding a new Company Name!

Sergio Fabbrini, who has served as Meeting Architects Director of Operations for the past five years has assumed an ownership role in our newly reimagined business model.

After months of planning, we are proud to announce the launch of Eventure Productions, Inc. which will assume producing and management for all Meeting Architects, Inc. conference, convention and exposition business - concentrating on our Legal, Loan Servicing, Real Estate, Medical and Pharma clients.

Sergio will direct and manage all aspects of those relationships.

Bill Anton will continue to lead Meeting Architects, Inc. and direct the management and production of all Special Events for our Professional Sports, Charitable Organizations and Governmental clients.

Bill will serve as an active consultant to Eventure Productions, Inc. and continue to be integral in the service we deliver to all clients.

You'll still see all the familiar faces at your meetings and events. Sergio and Bill plus Chris, Dan, Dave, Shane, Tracy, Mark, Rita, Marco and Gary who will continue to work for both companies. We are looking forward to continued years of success.

Meeting Architects, Inc. Eventure Productions, Inc.